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My Story

Growing up, I was always annoyed when I heard people telling me what I should do, or what I have to do. It never sat right with me because it wasn't always things I wanted to do. Why do I "have to" do something that brought me no joy or fulfillment? I always knew I was meant to break the mold but I just didn't know how I would do that exactly.

In my teens into my early 20's, I did whatever my heart desired. Things people never thought I could do, I did it! I would get a thought of something, and just like that, I was trying it out. Most people thought I was crazy but it made me feel alive! I was fearless and bold and ready for whatever the world had to serve me.

As I got older and had kids, sadly, I fell into the trap of the "have" and "should" to ideas. I kept a job I hated because I "had to" have a job. I didn't hang out with friends or enjoy things because there were things that I "should" do instead. I woke up one day in my 30's and realized I had no idea who I was anymore. I didn't even know what I wanted out of life or what I wanted to be. The only things I knew at that time were my should and have to-do list. I had stopped dreaming and thinking there was more out there for myself. That adventurous girl was gone. Have you ever gotten stuck when someone asks you "What do you do for fun?" A simple question like that used to stump me because I wasn't having fun anymore. I was just surviving each day and it was no way to live.

I had to make a change. I had to find my voice and my willingness to dream again. I had to put myself out there 100% as myself and have the world take me or leave me. I had to be authentically me and have the courage to be honest with the world about that. Only after doing these things was I set free!


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My Mission

My life's purpose is to help women discover (or rediscover) who they are. As a mom, partner, daughter, friend, employee... (the list goes on, right), we lose sight sometimes of who we were before we had all those titles. Remember when you were just you? Have you fallen into this trap of everyone else telling you what is best for you and how your life should look? Just know, you are not alone. The discovery to find your life's purpose is available, but you have to be brave and seek it! Once you find your purpose and start living it, nobody can tell you what you "should" or "have" to do again, because you will know!

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